The Thinking Drinkers: Around The World in 80 Drinks

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Rolling in as a pair of proper lanterne rouges, we deliver searing cycling insight on the final stages of Le Tour, days after its conclusion. There's sore botties, mechanical doping, plane-eating Frenchmen and Andre The Giant.

Show Notes

As the Peloton headed for Paris, we were drinking the following:
Dolin de Chambery Dry Vermouth - available from the Whisky Exchange
Dolin Chamberyzette Strawberry Aperitif - available from Whisky Exchange
La Blanche de Mont Blanc from the Mont Banc Brasserie - available from 
St.Germain Elderflower Liqueur - available from Whisky Exchange
Coeur de Genepi Le Farmacia Blanc - available from Whisky Exchange
La Bagaude IPA -
to find out more about Mappiness Brewery in Paris - click here

And for all your snow holiday needs, look no further than the wonderful guys from Sunweb - the only specialist travel agent that we'd accept press trips from.  

What is The Thinking Drinkers: Around The World in 80 Drinks?

Come join Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham, aka ‘The Thinking Drinkers’, on a fun, fascinating fact-fuelled journey of discerning drinking discovery.

Around The World in 80 Drinks is an amusing, interesting, unpretentious and interactive podcast that peers back at history through the prism of a pint glass, whisky tumbler and champagne flute.

Overflowing with entertaining alcohol-fuelled anecdotes and enlightening alco-demic insight, Ben and Tom uncork decades’ worth of elbow-bending experience to bring you the world’s finest wines, beers, spirits and cocktails – and broaden your booze horizons.

But here’s the best bit: ahead of each episode, Tom and Ben will reveal what they’ll be tasting in the next episode along with the best places to order them online.

That way, you can sip back, relax and enjoy them as you hear all about the people, the places and the past behind each glass.

So, slide onto the bar stool of enlightenment and, together, we can drink through this… discerningly.