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In this episode of "Our Thought Bubble", my father and I discuss the shocking revelation that President Biden was in unlawful possession of classified documents dating back to his tenure as VP six years ago. 

This is the same infraction, a "strict liability" crime, over which the FBI raided former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate. More importantly, it appeared to be one of a few crimes on which House Democrats and Biden's DOJ were hoping to indict him. 

That seems less likely to happen now. 

Some points on which we expand in this video: our system has an issue with over-classifying documents; as VP, Biden lacked the power to declassify documents; Trump, as president, enjoyed that power, although it's unclear if it occurred to him to exercise it in a punctual manner; the press immediately granted Biden the "benefit of the doubt", assuming nothing nefarious in his retention of documents; the same press immediately accused Trump of purloining  and trading the codes to our nuclear arsenal; Trump's recalcitrance v. Biden's compliance; Hunter Biden's involvement; etc. 

Toward the end, we discuss Tesla's announcement that it would be reducing the prices of its two cars: the Models 3 and Y. My Dad, a close follower of automobile trends, provides some clarity on the situation. 

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