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Associate Professor Scott Byrne discusses the funding issues endemic in academic research, workplace bullying by senior females, flexibility in the workplace and ways in which he is actively addressing equality as head of discipline and president of a scientific organisation.

Show Notes

Head of the Applied Medical Science Discipline and President of the Molecular and Experimental Pathology Society of Australasia, Scott Byrne discusses the funding issues endemic in academic research and the ways to navigate these by diversifying funding streams.  We tackle the sticky topic of workplace bullying by senior females and how flexibility in the workplace needs to go both ways to support fathers.  Scott details how he actively supports mid-career female researchers in his discipline via a mix of mentorship, sponsorship and encouragement.  However to ensure we don’t lose mid-career females in STEM, Scott ends with some practical funding ideas to support researchers coming back after a career break. 

"We need to make conscious efforts to change the way we have done things in the past.  If we are serious about ensuring we don’t lose mid-career females in STEM we need to address the funding issue."

What is The Stem Equity Network?

A series of interviews with STEM professionals and leaders, detailing their career highlights and outlining the steps needed to achieve leadership equity.