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There are 4 main benefits to owning rental real estate, but don't take it from me, take it from the Founder and CO of GO CPAs, Greg O'Brien. 

4 takeaways:
1) Appreciation - Over time the average property appreciates by 3.5% per year, meaning your $100,000 property will be worth ~$103,500 in a typical year. Now some years (including the last few years) are much higher, and some years the value of properties goes down. Over time this means your property asset will grow.

2) Depreciation - everyone knows about appreciation, almost no one thinks of depreciation. Depreciation is the ability to "depreciate" the cost of your home over time, per the tax code and use it as a paper write off against income. Greg goes into more detail in the podcast on this. This is a great method to write off income and save on taxes.

3) With a rental property, someone else is paying your mortgage - You buy a $100,000 home, you put 20% or $20,000 down, you borrow $80,000 from the bank and you rent it out. Someone else is paying down YOUR mortgage and you are gaining equity in an asset. This is huge. I use an example of Cam owning an investment property in the episode.

4) Tax free cash flow - if you have a good CPA who knows what they are doing, money you make on rental properties should be earned tax free, meaning you theoretically should be able to set it up where you don't pay taxes on your cash flow gains. 

These are 4 high level reasons to invest in rental real estate, either long term or short term, but unless you know the 77k page tax code well, it is necessary to get a well-versed, cutting edge CPA who understands these topics and how to best optimize YOUR situation.

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