Meeting of the Minds

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Sarah Feingold joins us on the show to share her experience on the front lines of in-house legal in the startup world. We'll be discussing stories from her career journey, including how she found her way into Etsy as the 17th employee and grew into the General Counsel role during Etsy's dramatic growth. We'll also be speaking about how she's been able to be both a lawyer and an artist through her work on The Legal Madness project.

Sarah is currently a NYU Fellow and a co-founder of The Fourth Floor, an initiative to empower women to join corporate boards and create entrepreneurship opportunities. Previously, she was the first General Counsel at Etsy and Vroom. Sarah has a B.A. from Skidmore College and her J.D. from the Syracuse College of Law.

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What is Meeting of the Minds?

A Podcast Mini-Series, brought to you by Evisort and hosted by Alex Su. In each episode, you'll hear from pioneers and leaders who are driving innovation in the legal industry.