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Punk, garage and trash coolness with Carolyn
Sheltering In Place - Episode 19
Farewell to C.P. Lee

Show Notes

Punk, garage and trash coolness with Carolyn
Sheltering In Place - Episode 19
Farewell to C.P. Lee

12:00 PM Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias "Kill" from Snuff Rock on Stiff RecordsRIP CP Lee

12:01 PM Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias "Thank You" from Heads Down, No-Nonsense Endless Boogie on Logo Records

12:03 PM The Gears "Teenage brain" from Rockin' At Ground Zero on Playgems

12:05 PM The Controllers "Neutron Bomb" from What Stuff on Iloki

12:09 PM Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs "Blue Day" from Punkville on Canetoad Records

12:11 PM The Tigermen "Tiger Girl" from Scum Of The Earth on Weed Records

12:14 PM King-Beez "Now" from Garage Punk Unknowns Part One on Crypt Records

12:15 PM Cool Jerks "We Live in Hell" from England on Night versus Day. Genre: Rock

12:20 PM Brat Farrar "I'm Not Here" from Adventures in the Skin Trade on Brat Farrar Records

12:23 PM KXSF UW "Rainbow Grocery Cooperative"

12:24 PM Cherry Pickles "The Girl Who Was Afraid of Gin" from The Girl Who Was Afraid of Gin / Uísque Breath - Single on PNKSLM Recordings

12:26 PM The Beths "I'm Not Getting Excited" from Jump Rope Gazers on CARPARK RECORDS. Genre: Rock

12:32 PM Parsnip "Repeater" from Adding Up - EP on Episode Sounds

12:32 PM Toylettes "Why" from Spätsommer im Luftkurort on s/r

12:34 PM Genuine Parts "Never Slow Down" from Never Slow Down b/w Baby Dream on Chocolate Covered Records

12:36 PM Les Dead Boobs "On fait du rock" from Split : Tabula Raza + Les Dead Boobs - Tout brûler :) on Rock'n'Roll UFO

12:42 PM Tapeworms "Safety Crash" from Funtastic on Howlin' Banana / Cranes Rds

12:46 PM The Chats "Smoko" from Get This In Ya on Bargin Bin Records. Genre: Rock

12:48 PM Fuzz "Returning" from III on In the Red Records. Genre: Rock

12:51 PM Soul Butchers "Yoo Hoo" from Skin on Fire on S/R. Genre: Rock

12:54 PM Hobocop "I'm A Troll" from Hungry Freak in the Data Mine on Head Cleaner records

12:56 PM L.A. WITCH "Gen-Z" from Play With Fire on Suicide Squeeze Records. Genre: Rock

1:02 PM KXSF UW "Lady Falcon Coffee Club"

1:04 PM Sniffany and the Nits "Girl Factory" from The Greatest Nits on Thrilling Living

1:06 PM The Mark Vodka Group "Boy (I'm Allergic to You)" from Debut on Drunken Sailor Records. Genre: Rock

1:08 PM Eyes and Flys "Black Flowers" from Coastal Access (7") - Single on Eyes and Flys. Genre: Rock

1:11 PM Flat Worms "Red Hot Sand" from Red Hot Sand - Single on Volar Records

1:18 PM The Space Lady "Born To Be Wild" from The Space Lady's Greatest Hits on Night School

1:24 PM Lassie "Phone Calls On My Death Bed" from Collected Cassettes on PHANTOM & ET MON CUL C'EST DU TOFU?

1:27 PM Tony Dork "Inside Out" from Struggle Street on Legless Records

1:31 PM Bellyfruit "My Plague Girlfriend" from My Plague Girlfriend on Bellyfruit Recordsdonate to KXSF

1:35 PM Black Mekon "Sick and Low" from The Lumpiness of Demand on Pnkslm Recordings

1:36 PM Public Eye "Lost Dog" from Music for Leisure on Drunken Sailor. Genre: Rock

1:38 PM Brandy "(Wish You Was) Madball Baby" from The Gift Of Repetition on Total Punk

1:41 PM Jim Moronson and The Doors "Deth and Muny" from I'm In Space on Life Is A Drag

1:45 PM Hyperspace "Rogue One" from Emulator on Hyperspace. Genre: Rock

1:47 PM G.T.R.R.C. "Hightime" from G.T.R.R.C. II on s/r

1:49 PM Green/Blue "No Place To Go" from Green/Blue on Slovenly Recordings. Genre: Rock

1:51 PM Sikotropikas "Kaput" from El Esperanto P​.​R. Vol​.​2 - El Mundo se Revuelca on El Esperanto P.R.

1:55 PM Central Intelligence "Drive Against The Wall" from Flennen No​.​9 on Flennen

1:57 PM Stiff Love "I Don't Mind Committing Crime" from Be Gay, Do Crime! on Girlsville Records

2:01 PM KXSF UW "Charles Neal Selections"

2:03 PM Thunder Queens "Bulldozer" from Black Lives Matter on Yeah RightProceeds from this compilation donated to Black Lives Matter ( Black Lives Matter Toronto ( The Black Solidarity Fund Canada (

2:06 PM The Cool Greenhouse "Gum" from The Cool Greenhouse on Melodic

2:09 PM Tonight "Money That's Your Problem" from Money That's Your Problem b/s No Sympathy on TDS Records

2:12 PM Wreckless Eric "Take the Cash (K.A.S.H.)" from Take The Cash (K.A.S.H.) on Stiff Records

2:16 PM C.C.'s Feces "Ring Ring" from Bi - Polair on Spinnup

2:20 PM Aus "Zahnloser Tiger" from Aus - II on Static Shock records

2:27 PM Whirlywirld "Window To The World" from The Complete Studio Works 1978 - 80 on Hozac. Genre: Rock1978

2:28 PM Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias "Heads Down, No-Nonsense Mindless Boogie" from Heads Down, No-Nonsense Mindless Boogie on Logo records

2:29 PM Wire "Boiling Boy (10:20 Version)" from 10:20 on pinkflag

2:35 PM UK Gold "Sinking Ship Club" from Epigram No. 2 on Girlsville

2:37 PM Moviestar "Evel Knievel" from The Curse and the Currency of the Twenty-First Century on Bored Airline Music

2:43 PM Bottled Up "Kilo" from Kilo // Full Yum Cassingle - Single on Maximum Pelt Records. Genre: Rock

2:45 PM Graveyard of The Pacific "Bruiser" from Radium Girls on s/r

2:49 PM Joey Ramone "What a Wonderful World" from Don't Worry About Me on Sanctuary Records. Genre: Rock

2:51 PM Eddy Current Suppression Ring "Shoulders" from All In Good Time on Castle Face Records. Genre: Rock

2:54 PM Cutters "Robo Debt Blues" from Cutters - Single on Legless Records

2:57 PM Gang of Four "I Found That Essence Rare" from Entertainment! on EMI

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