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Show Notes

In this episode, Millionacres editor Deidre Woollard talks with Blake Christian of HCVT about opportunity zones and other real estate tax incentives that both developers and investors can use.

Blake Christian has over 40 years of experience providing tax consulting and compliance services to a wide variety of clients. Blake specializes in federal, state, and local tax incentive programs. He is a CPA and he and the HCVT OZ Team have been involved in the formation of over 100 Qualified Opportunity Funds and Qualified Opportunity Zone Businesses. They have also advised hundreds of other investors and professionals regarding the complexities of formation, operation, semi-annual testing and restructuring of QOFs and QOZBs. Learn more at
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00:00 Introduction
01:03 Guest Introduction
01:50 Kinds of people investigating Opportunity zones
02:35 Type of investments among clients
03:57 IRS policy updates
04:32 Basis clarification
07:18 Clarifying opportunity zone projects
09:12 Opportunity zone incentives
12:50 Capital gain deferment 
14:04 Difference between qualified opportunity businesses and funds
15:13 Rules on qualification process
18:26 Clients looking opportunities
19:27 Seeing more interest in urban areas
20:58 Projects in rural areas
24:16 Tax incentives for developments
27:38 Developer interest in housing
29:45 Tax incentives for green initiatives
31:00 Tax incentives in California
33:15 Program changes and advocacy groups
35:00 Covid impact
36:01 Criticism around opportunity zones
38:23 Hopes for program future
40:36 Program changes in legislation

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