In AI We Trust?

Observers have been skeptical about the ability of the US to lead in AI and establish the necessary framework to ensure its safe and effective development. NIST – the National Institute of Standards and Technology – is responding to that call. In this episode, we speak with Elham Tabassi who is leading NIST's work to support safe and effective Artificial Intelligence. Elham the Chief of Staff in the Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) and serves on the National AI Research Resource Task Force, announced by the White House and the National Science Foundation (NSF) last June. Learn what makes NIST's 'secret sauce' for impactful work (spoiler: it involves you) and participate in the discussion through upcoming workshops and listening sessions:


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What is In AI We Trust??

In AI We Trust? is a podcast with Miriam Vogel of EqualAI and Kay Firth-Butterfield of the Centre for Trustworthy Technology that surveys the global landscape for inspiration and lessons in developing responsible, trustworthy artificial intelligence. Each episode aims to answer a ‘big question' in ethical AI with prominent lawmakers, leading thinkers, and internationally renowned authors.