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What do you do when you've just beaten up a cheating ex boyfriend? Well, you go to an American Buck And Doe, take your shirt off, use the camera that was inserted inside you , and take some pictures!
Welcome to Letterkenny Season 9, Episode 1!

Show Notes

S09E01 – American Buck And Doe
Guest:  Mitch Cole
Music:  No One Sphere
  • Music: Gotta Gotta
Music this week:  No One Sphere
Guest this week:  Mitch Cole
Recap of Season 8
This week’s episode deep dive:  S09E01 American Buck And Doe
  • Katy got a little Johnny action.
  • Ben and Jen’s buck and doe
  • The Bull and Son story - Colors (1998)
  • The Romeo Section was a Canadian TV show about spies who sleep with their targets. Mrs. MacMurray is dancing with both Patty and Mr. MacMurray at the same time.
  • Conspiracy theories are very relatable right now
  • Breast and urethra anatomy
  • Writing for the show
  • Letterkenny chirping
  • Have the writers been scrolling through 4chan for their conspiracies?
  • The attempt to blame Antifa and Black Lives Matter
  • The crowd of “fuck your feelings” got really into their feelings really quickly. 
  • Let’s postpone the next civil war to fall
  • Looking forward to season 10.
  • Trevor in Albania.
  • Funny stuff that happened during the fight
  • Tiara’s boob cameras have lots of storage
  • PSA:  There are two holes inside of a vulva.

End of Show:
  • Final thoughts…
    • Schitts Creek
    • Lesbian vs. Bi haircuts
    • Season 10
    • Letterkenny Live 
  • Next Week:
  • Farewells
  • Outro: Bad Behavior
Music for this show
Band:    No One Sphere
Location:   Washington DC
Intro:   Gotta Gotta
Outro:  Bad Behavior
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