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This is the best time to get a job abroad. Learn how Ilya Brotzky created VanHack in 2014 and got 700+ developers hired abroad so far. We talk about how he is running the business, the challenges he faced and his goals for the company's future. We also discussed the most frequent questions people ask about getting a job abroad in tech.

Show Notes

VanHack has helped more than 700 developers get a visa-sponsored job in Canada and Europe.

In this episode, Ilya Brotzky, the founder and CEO of VanHack talks about the challenges of running a remote global company, how he learned from his mistakes and built a very successful business, and what are the goals for VanHack in the next few months.

He also gives more details about some great companies that are hiring international talent, and how you too can get a job abroad through VanHack.

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