The Interop

Join us as we delve into the complexities of risk management in decentralized finance (DeFi), where Alterscope pioneers with its risk ZK coprocessor and zero-knowledge proof technology to tackle unique challenges such as liquidity and protocol risks. Uncover how Alterscope's advanced tools not only quantify new kinds of risks but also offer a dynamic platform for effectively modeling and managing them, including a detailed look at the crucial data sets used for assessing oracle risks to ensure DeFi's data reliability.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:04:16 Crypto Risk Management
00:10:13 Pricing Web3 Risk
00:13:22 TradiFi vs DeFi Risk Management
00:15:16 Understanding Alterscope
00:21:42 Oracle Risks
00:27:26 Risk Marketplace Participants
00:37:41 Enhancing DeFi Yield Strategies
00:40:53 Restaking
00:46:08 Staking Providers Risks
00:51:06 Impact on Future of DeFi
00:55:30 Product Roadmap


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Sebastien Couture
The Interop

Creators & Guests

Sebastien Couture
Founder, Interop Ventures
Benedikt Eikmanns
Co-Founder, Alterscope
Marijo Radman
Co-Founder, Alterscope

What is The Interop?

Technical deep dives with the entrepreneurs and developers building the decentralized economics networks which make up the Interchain. The Interop is hosted by crypto investor and podcaster @seb3point0.