The FutureX Podcast

This week on the FutureX Podcast, you’ll meet Matt Gemmell, a writer of thriller, horror, and suspense novels. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with his wife Lauren, their son Calum, and a labradoodle named Whisky. Matt first tried his hand at writing stories when he was in his early teens. Writing had to wait for a while as he got a degree in Computing Science and then had a successful career as a software engineer for Apple and other companies. He also released software of his own. 

When it was time to try novel-writing again, Matt started with techno thrillers, and has since developed a large body of work. We talk about building a community for Matt’s writing online, and we discuss the benefits of Mastodon. 

Creators & Guests

Lee Schneider
Artistic Director of FutureX.Studio
Matt Gemmell

What is The FutureX Podcast?

The FutureX Podcast is an open conversation about how to create online communities that are diverse, welcoming, and safe. In each episode, Lee Schneider interviews a platform creator, an author, or publisher about their projects and the communities they are building online.