The BIPA Radar: A Lewis Brisbois Podcast

In this episode of The BIPA Radar, Mary and Josh break down common preconceived notions why companies of all sizes might believe, sometimes mistakenly, that they are exempt from BIPA, including that they: (1) operate outside of Illinois (2) do not actually collect biometric data. Mary and Josh also examine prior cases that businesses can look to for guidance, such as workplace time clocks that utilize finger scans or photographs, more sophisticated technological fingerprints, artificial intelligence for job interviews, and online scans of identity documents with facial recognition technology. Our co-hosts delve into the biometric privacy landscape across the country, and look at a highly publicized case involving a lawyer in New York who was denied entry to an entertainment venue based on a face scan due to her firm being involved in a legal action against the venue’s owner. With the Illinois Supreme Court's ruling last week that a five-year statute of limitations applies to all BIPA claims, this is a can't-miss episode for Illinois businesses assessing how BIPA may apply to them, and how to comply with the statute.

What is The BIPA Radar: A Lewis Brisbois Podcast?

Lewis Brisbois established the nation’s first BIPA (Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act) Practice, and is at the cutting-edge of defense in the wave of high exposure class action litigation being brought against Illinois employers and other groups under the Act. Join our hosts Mary Smigielski and Josh Kantrow, co-chairs of this pioneer legal team, as they present “The BIPA Radar,” a podcast series that will address critical aspects of compliance, insurance coverage, and litigation moving forward.

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