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In this episode we are talking to Michaelene Sanberg, the CEO and Founder of Queen Bee Design Studios.  She has been a private client of mine for 3 years, and I’ve watched her go from a small town wedding invite designer to an industry leader and viral on Instagram.  She is a complete star, and I am so excited for you to hear her story. 

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I am a wealth energetics and quantum business coach, host of On The Daily podcast, multi 6-figure entrepreneur, and the co-founder and President of HypeU Media, LLC.. Using Human Design and various strategy and energetic strategies, I will help you scale your business in a sustainable way that gives you an aligned full body F**K Yes! After the death of my best friend/ father, I dove deep into personal healing, and spiritual development. I trained in Human Design, Trauma Healing, Astrology, Reiki, Meditation, and Wealth Energetics and that really brought me back from a pretty epic burnout. I left corporate fitness after almost 10 years, and got real clear on my vision and my boundaries. Since then, I’ve built a multi-six-figure coaching business, a top-rated podcast that’s close to 250K downloads and a highly engaged social media network - all within 2 years. What I am really interested in is you living a life that turns you on and having a business that is a full body yes. Through all of my education and experience, I will guide you and give you the tools necessary to scale a massive, sustainable, and sexy business using your intuition and Human Design.