Elgin Foster spends the summer of 1988 at his father's house and begins to notice something strange about the local ice cream truck man who is constantly coming by..

Show Notes

Elgin Foster spends the summer of 1988 at his father's house and begins to notice something strange about the local ice cream truck man who is constantly coming by...

**Please Be Advised: This show contains coarse language, scenes of child abuse, and triggering situations. Listener discretion is advised.**

ADAM MURCIANO as Mister Handsome
HUNTER DILLON as Elgin Foster
ERIC HICKS as Bobby Foster

Guest Starring:
BILLY CHRISTOS JR. as Dustin Foster
LIZA COSIER as Janet Foster
ADAM BLANFORD as The Middle School Principal

Directed By:

Created & Written By: Adam Murciano & Adam Blanford

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Creators & Guests

Adam Murciano
Adam Murciano, creator of 911 Podcasts, voices the role of Mister Handsome. He also sound designed, co-wrote, executively produced the series.

What is ICE-CREAM?

ICE-CREAM follows 14 year old Elgin Foster, who spends the summer of 1988 with his younger brother Dustin, at his newly divorced father's house in Arizona. Not long after arriving, he begins to witness a series of child abductions by the local ice cream truck man. Nobody believes Elgin, not even the police, which leads him to question if what he saw was even real or the result of a recent concussion. The listener will follow along as Elgin and neighbor Olivia do their own investigation to try and uncover who the ice cream man really is and what he is doing to these missing children. What they begin to discover, however, is truly horrifying...
ICE-CREAM stars: Adam Murciano, Hunter Dillon, Princess Davis, Eric Hicks & Lauren Jackson.
Directed by: Antonio Cordero
Written By: Adam Blanford, Adam Murciano & Antonio Cordero
Produced by 911 Podcasts, 2022.

ICE-CREAM Episode One

ANNOUNCER: Please be advised, this show contains coarse language, scenes of child abuse and triggering situations. Listener discretion is advised.
[Neighborhood sounds – lawnmowers, insects. Ice cream truck music]
911 podcasts presents Ice Cream, created by Adam Murciano and Adam Blanford, directed by Antonio Cordero.
{Ice cream truck music}
[Running footsteps]
LITTLE JOHNNY: Mom Ice cream truck can I get one?
MOM: Yeah, sure honey, just make sure you come right back, okay? No talking to strangers.
{Eerie piano music}
MOM: Hey Johnny, don't you need money?
[Running footsteps as Little Johnny runs to meet the ice cream truck, Car passing by]
LITTLE JOHNNY: Mr. Handsome! Mr. Handsome! Mr. Handsome! (pause) Hello, Mr. Handsome? Are you there?
MISTER HANDSOME: Hi, Johnny. It's so good to see you again.
[Fly buzzing around]
LITTLE JOHNNY: (giggles) You too, Mr. Handsome.
MISTER HANDSOME: What can I get you today?
MISTER HANDSOME: Coming right up.
[Opens ice cream case, scoops ice cream
[Unsettling music]
LITTLE JOHNNY: You know, Mr Handsome, I've been craving your ice cream all week.
MISTER HANDSOME: It's really good, huh?
LITTLE JOHNNY: Yep. I even said a prayer last night before bed that you'd come by today. And you did!
{Eerie music}
MISTER HANDSOME: Aw. All right. One chocolate, vanilla swirl dipped in chocolate glaze on a cone just for you.
MISTER HANDSOME: Ah, ah, ah! That'll be $1.00, Johnny.
LITTLE JOHNNY: I-I don't have any money.
MISTER HANDSOME: I just can't give it to you. For free? That would be silly.
LITTLE JOHNNY: But you never ask me for money when I come alone.
MISTER HANDSOME: Oh, Johnny…look, kid. I'm going to share something with you that's going to bring you great value to your life. Why don't you come a little closer? Nothing in life is ever free. Even when you think it is. It isn’t. They always make you pay. One way…or the other.
LITTLE JOHNNY: Well…can you wait here? And I can go ask my mom?
MISTER HANDSOME: No, no, that's OK, Johnny, the ice cream will melt, I…I have another idea of a way. You could pay me.
MISTER HANDSOME: I want you to sing to me my favorite song. Can you do that for me, Johnny?
LITTLE JOHNNY: What's that?
MISTER HANDSOME: (singing) Ice cream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream. Your turn.
[Fly buzzing around]
LITTLE JOHNNY: (singing) Ice cream. You scream, we all scream for ice cream.
(Mister Handsome giggles)
LITTLE JOHNNY: (louder) I scream, you scream. We all scream for ice cream.
{Music intensifies}
LITTLE JOHNNY: (practically screaming) I scream, you scream. We all scream for ice cream!
MISTER HANDSOME: Louder, you little shit! Louder. We all scream for ice cream!
[Cone hitting the ground, window closing. Fly buzzes around, truck starts up with music]
MOM: (in distance) Johnny? Johnny? Johnny?! J-Johnny? Has-has anyone seen my son?
PRINCIPAL:[over loudspeaker] Middle school is a fundamental time in everyone's life. You're coming into your own. You're learning new things and some of the most important lessons in life are learned during these years, both inside the classroom and out of it.
{Inspirational synth music}
PRINCIPAL: But even though you're learning to be an adult, don't rush it. When I was your age - a long time ago [audience laughs]- I was so eager to get my license, get that part-time job, go to bars and come home after dark. Looking back though, I wish I'd lived in the moment more. I guess what I'm-I'm trying to say is that, you have your entire life to be. An adult but you're only a kid once. Enjoy your youth. Make mistakes, take risks. Because one day you'll look back and wonder where the time has gone. So, live in the present. Enjoy the summer. You all deserve it. High school will be waiting for you in the fall. Ladies and gentlemen. Staff and students, would you please join me? Now in giving a hand to these fine young adults, the North Denver Middle School, 8th Grade graduating class of 1988. Throw your hats in 3-2-1. Congratulations!
[Audience cheers, cameras clicking]
{Music intensifies}
[Door opens, Elgin runs up to his mom, Janet]
JANET: Elgin! Come here! Congratulations, my…not so little boy! Wow. Middle school graduation. Where does the time go?
ELGIN: Thanks, mom.
[Door opens]
STUDENT 1: Yo, Elgin!
[Two students run up]
ELGIN: Oh, hey guys, what's up?
STUDENT 2: What are you up to this weekend?
STUDENT 1: I'm having a big graduation party in my House, pool party and all. You coming?
ELGIN: I-I can't, guys.
STUDENT 2: Come on, man.
STUDENT 1: I heard Chrissy’s gonna be there.
JANET: Who is Chrissy?
ELGIN: No one.
JANET: Oooh secretive.
ELGIN: I am spending the summer at my dad's.
STUDENT 2: And where is that?
ELGIN: Arizona.
STUDENT 1: Bummer.
STUDENT 2: Well have a good summer, I guess.
STUDENT 1: Hey, the next time I see you, we’ll be freshman.
ELGIN: Yeah, yeah, true. See you guys.
STUDENT 1: (quietly) I totally forgot his parents got divorced.
STUDENT 2: (quietly) Yeah, I feel so bad. For him, I think I'd absolutely die if my parents ever split up.
{Quiet, sad music}
JANET: Here, Dustin. Go start the car.
DUSTIN: Sweet!
[Dustin runs off]
JANET: Elgin, come here. Look, divorcing your father was without a doubt one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I begged him not to move out of state. I did, but his heart was clearly in Arizona. With her. I know you want to spend the summer with your friends. I do, but seeing your father is also very important. It's been months since you last saw him? Don't you want to see him too?
ELGIN: Yeah. I said it's fine, mom.
JANET: OK, look. I was going to give this to you later, but-
[Janet unzips her purs]
ELGIN: What's this?
JANET: I don't know. Early graduation present. Open it.
[Elgin unwraps the present]
ELGIN: Are you serious? Mom!
JANET: (laughs) You can capture your summer with it.
ELGIN: An F801! Nikon just released this!
JANET: I know.
ELGIN: Thanks mom. Seriously, how-?
JANET: Happy graduation, Elgin I love you.
ELGIN: Love you too.
DUSTIN: Mom, can we go? I'm hungry.
JANET: We're coming, Dustin. Jesus. Your brother has zero patience.
[Footsteps as Elgin and Janet approach the car]
ELGIN: Well, he gets it from you.
JANET: Wow, I was going to tell you that I have an Ice cream cake in the freezer.
ELGIN: W-w-wait…you have ice cream cake?
[Car driving on the road, Janet flipping through radio stations, Elgin taking pictures]
JANET: Come on. Come on. No radio signal? Shit. (to Elgin) What are you taking pictures of? Don't wast your film.
ELGIN: Just everything here is so.
[Elgin takes more pictures]
JANET: (laughs) Welcome to Sedona, Arizona. (mock vampire voice) Where you come to die! (evil laugh) Oh, come on, that was a good one. Okay, seriously, there is nothing that goes on here. Your father should have moved to Tombstone, Arizona. That name's more fitting. Anyway, left or right? Elgin?
ELGIN: Yeah, sorry, sorry what?
[Rustle of map]
JANET: Left or right? Hurry, I'm coming up to the light. Hurry, l
ELGIN: L-left.
[Car swerving, tires squealing]
JANET: I gave you one job: follow the map and you can't even do that!
ELGIN: I'm sorry.
[Car swerving, horn honking]
JANET: What the fuck?! Excuse my French boys, but did you just see that? That truck almost hit us!
ELGIN: I-I was looking at the map-
JANET: Why was it even speeding in the first place? It's a fucking ice cream truck. Can ice cream trucks even go that fast?
[Janet slams on the horn]
ELGIN: Mom, I think the truck's already gone. You didn't need to honk.
JANET: I know. I just had to um, let it out. I'm working on my road rage, okay?
[Elgin snaps pictures]
ELGIN: We're so proud of you.
JANET: Are you serious?
(Dustin laughs)
{80s-style music plays}
[Rustle of paper]
ELGIN: 41…43…45…that-that's the house, 45 Woodley.
[Car stops]
JANET: It's cute. Good for him.
[Car door opens]
JANET: Okay, I think that's everything, Dustin, you got your inhaler?
DUSTIN: Yep, got it right here.
[Inhaler sounds]
JANET: Elgin, you got your books for summer reading?
[Rustle of bag]
ELGIN: Yep, I think so. Cool.
JANET: Hey guys, come here. Hey, listen: I'm just a phone call away if you guys change your mind and want to come home early, okay?
DUSTIN and ELGIN: Yep, yep.
JANET: Great. Okay. Bye boys. I love you both. (kisses Dustin and Elgin) So much.
ELGIN: Love you too, mom.
DUSTIN: Wait mom, aren't you going to come in to say hi to Dad?
JANET: Oh no, sweetie, that's okay. I uh, I got a long drive back and the sun will be setting soon, so I gotta go.
[Footsteps as Janet approaches car]
ELGIN: Isn't that what headlights are for?
JANET: Ah, not gonna miss that backtalk this summer, love you!
[Engine starts up]
ELGIN: Love you too!
JANET: Have a blessed summer.
DUSTIN: Bye mom. Love you.
ELGIN: Hello, Arizona.
{80s-style music plays}
BOBBY: All righty, cheeseburgers. (Bad Australian accent) Hot off the barbie!. Alright, watch out, it's hot.
DUSTIN: Sweet!
[Dinner sounds. Clink of silverware]
BOBBY: Buns are there and condiments are here. All right, dig in, boys. It's so nice having my boys here. I think you two are really going to love Arizona.
ELGIN: Dad, where's Margaret?
BOBBY: Oh, she's actually gone for the summer business trip, so it'll be just us boys.
DUSTIN: Woohoo, no cooties!
(They laugh)
BOBBY: You know, she's very excited to meet you both. And we both really wanted you guys at our wedding. I mean, no hard feelings or anything. We all have our process. This is a big change. For everyone. Anyway, how are the burgers?
DUSTIN: Dad, can we go skateboarding after dinner?
ELGIN: Yeah, we want to explore the neighborhood.
BOBBY: I don't know guys. It's getting late.
DUSTIN: Pleeeease?
ELGIN: Come on, dad. It's summer.
BOBBY: I mean-Oh, alright, yeah, that's fine.
ELGIN: Right, sweet.
DUSTIN: Radical!
BOBBY: Hey, about what's my rule?
ELGIN and DUSTIN: (bored, by rote) When the street lights come on, it's time to come in.
ELGIN: In the city, yes, but can we? Stop for a bit later.
BOBBY: No, that's it.
DUSTIN: I'm going to go get the skateboards!
[Dustin runs off]
BOBBY: Yeah, you put your dishes in the sink in, knucklehead! Dustin! Yeah, and he's gone. All right, you're on dishes duty.
ELGIN: Come on.
BOBBY: Hey, I'm very serious, Elgin. By the way, I want you both inside as soon as those lights come on, okay?
ELGIN: Why are you so? Strict all of a sudden? You never cared this much when you lived with us.
BOBBY: Hey, Elgin, I don't want you to argue with me! (pause) Look I I didn't want to say anything at dinner 'cause I? Didn't want to freak your brother out, but. There are good people that live in this neighborhood, okay? I don't want you to feel unsafe.
{Eerie music}
ELGIN: What's up?
BOBBY: One of the neighbor's sons, Johnny…he uh, he went missing the other day. In broad daylight. He's nine years old, around the same age as your brother, so…keep the buddy system, okay? You don't leave each other’s sight and please when the street lights come on-
ELGIN: -it's time to come in. I got it, dad. Will do.
{80s synth music}
[Dustin and Elgin skateboarding, Elgin taking pictures]
DUSTIN: Hey, how much longer before the sun sets?
ELGIN: I don't know, maybe another 20 minutes? [Camera snaps] Hey Dustin, look back. Damn, that's a sick shot! Sunset in the background, too.
DUSTIN: Oh, nice Olly! take a picture of me trying one! Are you ready?
ELGIN: Go for it.
[Camera snaps]
ELGIN: Shit! Missed it. Just do it again. I'll countdown 3-2-1…
[Elgin falls off his skateboard]
ELGIN: Aw, shit!
DUSTIN: Are you okay?
ELGIN: My head…I think I just…must’ve skated over a rock or something. Where's-where's my camera?
DUSTIN: It's over there. Do you want me to get it? I’ll go get it.
[Dustin retrieves the camera]
[Elgin inspects the camera]
ELGIN: Thanks. It looks okay.
DUSTIN: You need a hand?
ELGIN: No, no, no, I'm good.
DUSTIN: Your head is bleeding a lot.
ELGIN: Shit…this-
[Ice cream truck music plays]
{Ominous music}
DUSTIN: Oh, there's a-there's an ice cream truck. Maybe we can get some ice or…
ELGIN: No, it's-it's okay.
DUSTIN: Or-or maybe we get some ice…or some ice cream like…maybe it'll make you feel better.
ELGIN: That's why you asked?
DUSTIN: Please?
[Elgin fishes change out of his pocket]
ELGIN: Fine. Go.
DUSTIN: You want anything?
ELGIN: I'm lactose intolerant, doofus. You know this.
DUSTIN: Whatever more for me.
ELGIN: Shit. (calling after Dustin) Get some napkins.
[Footsteps as Dustin approaches the ice cream truck. Dog barks]
{Music becomes more ominous}
DUSTIN: Hello? Anyone there? Hello? Hello?
[Window slides open]
MISTER HANDSOME: Hello. Hi there. Welcome to Scoops ice cream truck. What can I get you today?
DUSTIN: Hmmm…do you have any tiger blood?
[Mister Handsome scoops out ice cream]
MISTER HANDSOME: I sure do. Coming right up. I haven't seen you around, kid. What's your name?
DUSTIN: Dustin.
MISTER HANDSOME: Are you new to the neighborhood or-?
DUSTIN: Just visiting my dad for the summer.
MISTER HANDSOME: Very cool. Okay, I got one tiger blood ice cream for our new visitor, Dustin.
DUSTIN: Thanks. How much do I-?
MISTER HANDSOME: Oh, you keep your money. It's on the house.
DUSTIN: Really? So it's free?
MISTER HANDSOME: A “Welcome to the Neighborhood” special.
DUSTIN: Cool. Thanks.
[Dustin walks away]
MISTER HANDSOME: Hey Dustin, come back here for a second! Sorry, I had totally slipped my mind…
DUSTIN: Yeah, yeah.
MISTER HANDSOME: I should probably let you in. The inside scoop, if you will, since you're new here and all.
MISTER HANDSOME: All the kids in the neighborhood and I have this secret: If you ever want free ice cream from me, all you gotta do is sing to me my favorite song in the entire world.
DUSTIN: That's easy. What song is it?
MISTER HANDSOME: Now you probably know it. (singing) Ice cream…you scream…we all scream-
DUSTIN: (singing) For ice cream. That's all I gotta do to get free ice cream?
DUSTIN: Just sing a song?
MISTER HANDSOME: Yup. That's all you gotta do. So what do you say, Dustin. Will you sing to me? (whispering) My favorite song?
DUSTIN: Sure, I guess. (singing) Ice cream, you scream we all scream for ice cream-
MISTER HANDSOME: Come on, put some more passion into it.
DUSTIN: (louder) I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream-
MISTER HANDSOME: (giggles) Louder!
DUSTIN: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream-
MISTER HANDSOME: (singing along) We all scream for ice cream! Louder!
DUSTIN and MISTER HANDSOME: I scream, you scream, we all scream for-
ELGIN: What is going on here?
{Music stops}
DUSTIN: We were just singing.
MISTER HANDSOME: Dustin, who’s this?
DUSTIN: My brother, Elgin.
MISTER HANDSOME: Hi, Elgin. Would you like some ice cream?
ELGIN: I'm good.
MISTER HANDSOME: Saying I got tiger blood, drumsticks, soft serve, anything-
ELGIN: I'm fine. Thanks, Dustin. We should be going.
MISTER HANDSOME: Ouch, that's pretty bad cut you got there. Would you like some ice?
ELGIN: No, I'm. I'm fine, I have ice at home. Dustin, let's go.
MISTER HANDSOME: Alrighty then. You two boys have a good night. Enjoy the ice cream, Dustin. And hey…Welcome to the neighborhood.
[Footsteps as Dustin and Elgin leave. Ice cream truck starts up]
ELGIN: Did you tell him we're new here?
DUSTIN: Yeah, he was just being friendly.
ELGIN: Dustin, what did mom and Dad say about talking to strangers?
DUSTIN: How am I supposed to get the ice cream if I can't even tell him what flavor I want?
ELGIN: We'll talk about this later, okay?
BOBBY: Alright, Dustin's all tucked in now. Let's take a little look. Oh the gauze is soaked. Did the pavement try and skin you alive? What happened?
ELGIN: I was trying to take some cool action shots of Dustin on his skateboard while riding my skateboard and…Guess I went over a rock or something and lost control. I don't-I don't know. I kind of blacked out.
BOBBY: Yeah, skateboarding and photography. YA dangerous combo. Well, let's get you some fresh ice here. Catch. [Bobby throws a bag of ice to Elgin] So other than that, how was explorin’ the hood?

ELGIN: Don't say Hood dad, but it was cool. Hey, can I ask you something?
BOBBY: Shoot.
ELGIN: Do you know anything about an ice cream truck guy around here?
BOBBY: I know there's an ice cream truck. Well, it comes by maybe once a day or so, but that's about all I know.
ELGIN: He-he gave Dustin free ice cream. I don’t know, I just got some weird vibes from him. Plus, the music from his truck sounded. I don't know, like…demonic.
BOBBY: Demonic. Was this before or after you hit your head?
ELGIN: After, but does that matter?
BOBBY: Yeah, yeah. Well, your head probably just playing games with you, buddy. You know, Elgin, I actually, I just wanted to talk to you about something there.
ELGIN: Yeah?
BOBBY: Well, I-I haven't seen you in like 6 months. You’ve already changed so much. I mean, physically, look at you. You're growing up, you're becoming a man-
ELGIN: OK, where is this going?
BOBBY: I-I-I noticed that your-your skin…you're starting to get acne on.
ELGIN: What about it, dad?
BOBBY: Well, at nothing. I just thought, you know, when I was your age, I had the same problem and not a problem. Acne is normal for your age. I just mean, you know, I had it like you.
ELGIN: Okay.
BOBBY: Yeah, and I-I was bullied pretty badly for it. I just-look, I don't want you to go through what I went through, okay? High school's coming up for you and…that place can be brutal. You know, Margaret, she uses this cream she swears by. It clears her face up right away whenever she gets a blemish. You want to try some?
ELGIN: No, dad, I'm not wearing women’s face cream. Especially not your wife's. That's-that's weird.
BOBBY: Oh, come on. No, it's not. Hey, you don't have to use it. I just thought I'd give it to. You in case you changed mine, little goes along way though, hey, right here, just…take it. Hey, get some rest big day tomorrow. Fourth of July barbecue, Arizona edition.
ELGIN: Night, dad.
BOBBY: All right, buddy.
[Elgin goes to bed]
[Elgin brushing his teeth, water running]
ELGIN: I am so fucking ugly. (reading off container) “Fountain of Youth, Anti-aging pimple, fighting serum for all skin types.” Not bad. (sighs) Fuck it.
[Elgin applies face cream. Ice cream truck music plays in the distance]
ELGIN: Ice cream truck? It's 11:30 at night. Who the hell is getting ice cream at this time?
[Elgin closes the container, opens bathroom door and goes to his room. Ice cream truck music gets louder. Elgin opens the blinds]
ELGIN: (softly) Why is this little girl by herself?
[Ice cream truck serving window slides open]
{Dynamic music plays}
MISTER HANDSOME: (in the distance) Hey, Brianna What can I get for you?
BRIANNA: Just the usual!
MISTER HANDSOME: Do you remember our little secret?
BRIANNA: Of course. (singing) I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream… I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…
ELGIN: Why is this creep making kids sing, dude. It's. Just fucking creepy. Camera. Where's my camera? Where did I put it? Come on, come on-
[Elgin rummages for the camera]
MISTER HANDSOME: Amazing job, sweetie! Now I want you to lead him. Real close and sing it to me. Nice and slow.
ELGIN: Gotcha!
MISTER HANDSOME: Can you do that for me?
BRIANNA: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream… I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…
ELGIN: Shit, out of film!
[Singing abruptly stops, ice cream truck serving window slams closed]
ELIGIN: Holy shit…he just took that little girl…
MISTER HANDSOME: (menacing) I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…
Ice-Cream stars:
Adam Murciano as Mr. Handsome,
Hunter Dillon as Elgin Foster,
Eric Hicks as Bobby Foster.

Guest starring:
Billy Christos Jr. as Dustin Foster,
Lisa Cosier as Janet Foster,
Haven Vivero as Johnny,
Adam Blanford as The Middle School Principal.

Additional performances by:
Serenity Grace Russell,
Sebastian Saville,
Oscar Hartley,
Janet McMordie
and Raj Paul.

Created and written by:
Adam Murciano and Adam Blanford.

Directed by: Antonio Cordero.

Music by:
Timecop 1985,
Joe Diaco,
Ben Nelson,
Falcon Dives,
Arctic Peach,
Johnny Darko,
John Bjork,
DEX 1200,
Trevor Kowalski,
and Cryo Chamber.

Sound design and dialogue editing by:
Adam Murciano.

Recorded by:
Andrew Conroy at Flash Recording - Vancouver, BC.

Cover artwork by:
Jordy Clark.

Graphic Artwork by:
Trey Trimble.

Special thanks to:
Caroline Young and Annie Huang at the Characters Talent Agency.

Additional special thanks to:
Jessica Huang.

ICE-CREAM is executively produced by:
Adam Murciano for 911 Podcasts.

This has been an ACTRA-UBCP Production.

For more on ice cream, follow us on social media, links in the show notes.