Veterinary Ramblings

 In this episode, Jamil Dowling, a veterinary graduate who previously joined the hosts as a student, returns to share his extraordinary journey post-graduation. Starting with his unconventional entrance into vet school, Jamil discusses his recent experiences working in various countries, including Bolivia, the US, Mexico, and plans for Australia. 

He reflects on the valuable lessons learned while navigating the profession globally, contrasting the veterinary practices and opportunities in the UK with those abroad. Jamil highlights the importance of gaining a broad range of practical experience, especially in surgical skills, and the systemic issues facing the veterinary profession. 

He also sheds light on the power of networking through social media to find unique opportunities and the importance of mentorship, advocating for new graduates to seize opportunities and develop diverse competencies early in their careers.

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Creators & Guests

Dr Julian Hoad
Mike Brampton

What is Veterinary Ramblings?

Tired of boring, clinical veterinary podcasts? Join Veterinarian Dr Julian Hoad & Anaesthetic Expert Mike Brampton, as they interview inspirational guests each week who are related to the veterinary world. Veterinary Ramblings is like going for a drink with your favourite work colleagues after a long day - we’ll make you laugh, inspire you and perhaps teach you something new!