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Todd Sullivan is a writer who I have gotten to know thru FB and also thru his writing. He and I share a lot of similarities once you get past our age difference.

Show Notes


AKA #thegoodcommunity

Shoutout Todd Stone, I mean Todd Sullivan for putting up with me as I call him the wrong name immediately. Which is crazy because “Todd Sullivan” is the only “Todd” that interact with or actually know since Grade 5 when I went to school with a Todd w/  severe ADHD who both looked & acted like a monkey. Shoutout Todd from Class 6/5 who was as brilliant as he was energetic.

Anyways, Todd SULLIVAN and I talk about some darker stuff since we have similar tastes in humour… which is often dark but often true. I think comedy is taking a bit of a hit these days because of some issues concerning “free speech” and we can see that in the latest SNL controversy… Straight racism is never “edgy” or good comedy. Unless you are revealing some deeper truth about society thru your racist bit, DON’T. I already deal with racism daily and I am a 27 year white Canadian. How messed up is that? Anyways, Todd and I chat about toeing the line and how you determine the line. At least that’s what I remember, my memory isn’t all that great as I am very much an “in the moment” type person. 

What that means is that I can have a conversation with someone and I can’t remember anything after the fact but can remember how the conversation made me feel. It's a trait of INJF’s which according to WebMD, I probably am. That is why I overshare sometimes or not at all. I don't get it. My podcast is probably the best reflection of who I am BECAUSE I AM NOT ALWAYS YELLING OR ANGRY as some would believe. I understand the power of words, symbols and know how to use them… which in a world being built online is very powerful. (((humble brag)))

Todd is passionate about mental health in a very OG way but still very progressive. He is a writer who explores topics that I probably don’t need in my life but gives him some level of satisfaction and hey, be u Todd!

I don’t really want to name Todd as someone from a company because I think he is much more than that but he does come from the newspaper industry which is something I am passionate about since I used to deliver newspapers, helped launch a newspaper & been fired from one as well. Newspaper journalists are under appreciated in my opinion, so show them support as they do great work in our #kammunity

Anyways, below are some links if you wanna go down the rabbithole. Personally, I think Googling me is more fun since I don’t have that much control over it but the SEO game is fun… Sportify SEO is undervalued attn (wink wink*)

Anyways, that’s enough from my unscripted & unedited rant, time for me to process the audio and upload to my podcast host. Thanks for tuning into “Kameo w/ Nevin Webster” and please consider subscribing or leaving my a review on iTunes. 

Nevin Webster
Professional Hypeman

P.S. If you don't like my new naming, IDC, I am getting slowed down trying to make everything "look" a certain way and I don't want that... Kameo w/ Nevin Webster was a good gimmick but I think naming gimmicks are kinda passe now that iTunes is downranking numbered podcasts and other podcasts names will shut down a car infotainment system due to a character in a name, so I am going to simplify my naming to just be who they are // what they do, or as simple as I can sorta get it.. Shoot me your thoughts on insta @nevinwebster, let's chat about it

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