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Show Notes

Have you ever wondered yourself if you were satisfied in your workplace? Or on the contrary, do you manage employees that seem to be dissatisfied at work?

What is Your Ëvents and Ëntertainment Podcast: Ëlabba DIGITAL?

Ëlabba®️ DIGITAL™️ is a place for event and non-event professionals and those in the entertainment industry. 'Your Ëvents and Ëntertainment Podcast' always brings you the U of FUN to support other businesses in need of these services.

Esther DCS will give you actionable steps in each episode with the most important strategies for starting, scaling your business in the ëvents and ëntertainment industry and for living an ënjoyable life ëxperience for YOU and your ËMPLOYEES.

Ëlabba.®️ DIGITAL™️ helps your business navigate events with success.