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In the latest episode of GraphQL Radio, we take you behind the curtains at Stellate to discuss how their recent "Cache Like I'm 5" project came together. The wide-ranging discussion is led by Stellate's very own Engineering Manager Andreas Heiberg.

Join us on this episode as we dive into the world of cache optimization! It all started during an engineering offsite in Mexico City, where the Stellate team had a breakthrough idea about Maximum Cache Hit Rate (Max CHR) and how it can help users optimize their services. The Stellate team discusses the challenges they faced, the metrics they defined, and the tools they built to provide actionable insights into cache performance. Learn how Max CHR, Uncached Bandwidth, and CHR Impact can revolutionize your caching decisions. Tune in to discover how you can take control of cache optimization with these latest features and improvements.

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Andreas Heiberg
Bogdan Soare
Victor Tortolero
Alex Tacho
Kamil Lafere

What is GraphQL Radio?

Max Stoiber (CEO, Stellate) and Abhi Aiyer (Tech Lead, Gatsby) dive deep into the GraphQL ecosystem with experts from the industry.

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