the Love Says podcast

This is the miniest episode of the Love Podcast episode yet.

In this episode, I'll share a few things I practice before my head leaves my pillow in the morning — to connect me with Love before my day even begins.

It was inspired by a moment I had right when I woke up a couple weeks ago.

When my mind and overwhelm got to me before I could check in with what Love Says.

Have you had those mornings too? You’re taken down before you’ve even gotten up?

How do we remember to connect with Love right when we wake up? How can our day unfold very differently when we're already connected to Love? We talk about just that in this 10-minute episode.

What is the Love Says podcast?

What unfolds when we each find our own way back to a place of love?

Love can get us through the most painful moments, give us the freedom to grow , the courage to change - and Love can lead us to a whole lot of peace and joy and possibility.

So let’s see what happens — in us, in our life and in our world when we listen in to what Love Says.
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