In AI We Trust?

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Dr. Kush R. Varshney is a distinguished research staff member and manager in IBM Research AI at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center where he has conducted cutting edge AI and Machine Learning research for the past ten years. Varshney also serves as co-director of IBM’s Science for Social Good program. Varshney received both a Masters in Science and a Ph.D. in electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. In addition to writing numerous articles on AI, Varshney helped develop AI Fairness 360-a comprehensive open-source toolkit of metrics to check for unwanted bias in datasets and machine learning models. Varshney recently released his book Trust in Machine Learning.


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What is In AI We Trust??

In AI We Trust?, is a new podcast with Miriam Vogel of EqualAI and Mark Caine of the World Economic Forum that surveys the global landscape for inspiration and lessons in developing responsible, trustworthy artificial intelligence. Each episode aims to answer a ‘big question' in ethical AI with prominent lawmakers, leading thinkers, and internationally renowned authors.