Anthroposophy to the Point

Wim Hof has lit the health world on fire, teaching people about their ‘Inner Fire’ and its ability to conquer the cold challenges of modern life. Anthroposophical Medicine has been focused on the therapeutic potential of Warmth for a century - how can these worlds speak to each other? Incoming head of the Medical Section, Dr. Adam Blanning joins the podcast. 

Studies mentioned: 

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What is Anthroposophy to the Point?

Das Goetheanum is a weekly journal started by Rudolf Steiner in 1921. In 2021, it started being published in the English, and now we are embracing podcast as a way to conduct our interviews with outstanding individuals from the Goetheanum, and prominent anthroposophical thinkers and leaders in their fields. Join us along as we explore what it means to be human today.