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Learning to pitch your product or service over a sales call is no easy feat.

The tactic of Gap Selling takes lots of hard work to get right, and not nearly enough people use it to its full potential. I've realized this after getting bad sales calls all the time, so I decided to take them to turn them into opportunities.

This is Gap Sell Keenan, where I take calls from REAL people with things to sell. If I like what they're selling, I'll buy it.

If I don't, I'll school them on what they did wrong.

What is Gap Sell Keenan?

A REAL, LIVE sales call where a salesperson tries to Gap Sell Keenan their product or service. If A Sales Growth Company or Keenan has a problem they can solve, he will buy it! This is a DOPE sales training opportunity! Keenan provides on the spot feedback to help the salesperson throughout the discovery.