Welcome to Growth

Another wildcard episode where the show notes actually match what the guys talk about. Episode #32 and #33 were released out of order so things may be out of order in the W2G timeline. Sorry about that!

Show Notes

- Hygge
- Project 333
- Used Luxury Goods Market
- Coffee
- A new wholesale platform?
- iPhones

- Flag and Anthem
- Animal House
- Ministry of Supply 

Creators & Guests

Dillon →
I help Amazon sellers scale their revenue with technology and better strategy. Building: @useaura + https://t.co/oU5SvfxfWd
Johnathan Lyman
Program and Programming Accessories.

What is Welcome to Growth?

Dillon and Johnathan dive into the nuances of operating an e-commerce business and taking it to the next level, while still staying true to its goals and larger purpose. Sometimes they get off track and talk about whatever's neat. Presented by Vendrive.