Startup to Last

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This we talk about intern projects, Rick's decision to stay focused on Legup Health, and more.

Show Notes

Here are the topics from this week:
  • Tyler and Rick both have interns and need to figure out what projects they should be working on.
  • Rick has been working on a client referral program.
  • Tyler is wondering if there's anything for him to do to partner with customers who love LACRM.
  • Rick was considering an intrapreneurship opportunity (working as an entrepreneur within a larger company) and decided against it.
  • Tyler is struggling to prioritize product improvements.
  • Less Annoying CRM will need to raise prices at some point. Tyler is wondering if now is the right time.

What is Startup to Last?

Two founders talk about how to build software businesses that are meant to last. Each episode includes a deep dive into a different topic related to starting, growing, and sustaining a healthy business.