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On this episode of The Empire Boxing Podcast we have The Professor, Coach Jon Quinit, founder of Quinit Boxing in East Vancouver. Jon joins Coach J in the studio to talk about his boxing journey from boxer to coach and now to a kind of accidental social media influencer. The rapid rise in the gym's members and his partner Rebecca's mastery of Instagram and TikTok, has made Jon pretty recognizable as he and his boxers compete around North America, something he hadn't planned for. Jon is a 2 x National Champ, 3 Time National Team member and now the 2nd Vice President of Boxing B.C. which gives him input on the future direction of the boxing scene in British Columbia. He and Jana discusses the plans he has for his gym, some of the boxers he works with, his philosophy on life and training and a little bit about what the future holds for him and his team. Listen now on all of your podcast platforms and watch the full episode on YouTube, and don't forget to hit that subscribe button.

An Empire Boxing & Unlearning Network Production
Hosted by Jana Finkbiner (Coach J)
Written & Produced by Matt Hoffar, Jana Finkbiner, Jason Hartstein and Dan Norman
Video & Editing by Jason Hartstein

What is The Empire Boxing Podcast?

The Empire Boxing Podcast hosted by boxer, coach and creator, Jana Finkbiner, features interviews with pro boxers, trainers, managers and others in the boxing world. Our guests open up about their boxing journey, their training methods and what motivates them to step in the ring.