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Interview with Chris Reed, CEO of Neometals (ASX: NMT), and Accompanied by Michael Tamlin, COO, & Jeremy McManus, General Manager.

Show Notes

Chris Reed talks to us about the quarter results, which were good but that's what we have come to expect. Steady as she goes for now. The future that we see in front of them that is getting a lot of investors of all sizes talking though.

We take the chance to speak to Mike Tamlin, joint MD of Primobius, to discuss, amongst other things the InoBat MOU at the battery recycling plant in germany. The multi billion Euro industrial giant MS Group are the partners that bring the first project of the ranks the instant credibility that we look for. 

The second cab off the rank is their vanadium recovery project in Sweden will multi billion Euro industrial SSAB. Do you see the pattern forming? Reed discuss the relevance of mini pilot results for Vanadium recovery and next steps (feasibility, product evaluation opportunities with offtakers) 

The Neometals Sustainability report is out and we discuss the significance of this as part of their conversations with green funds across Europe and the tailwinds that exist for sustainability and green circular economies

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