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Join us as Bookminders CEO Jessica Minkus shares her journey from staff accountant to head honcho, and spills the secret sauce behind their flexible, remote work culture. Discover how an employee-centric approach supercharged their growth, learn about team advisors' impact, and get inspired to enhance your company's culture.

Here are a few topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Better People Podcast:

  • Home-based workers from start.
  • Emphasis on employee-centric culture.
  • Structured growth through internal promotion.
  • Evolving with technology and remote demands.
  • Creating a non-competitive work environment.


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  • 9:38 - We couldn't expand the way we wanted to because we didn't have the number of employees needed, right? And so, we needed to be able to support the growth. We only promote from within at Bookminders. And because our employees want to work part-time, they typically don't wanna transition into a full-time management role, you know, a role on the leadership team if that means full-time. So I was thinking about all, where we were as an organization, the stressors that we were going to have, and realized we need more support for our accountants out there.
  • 16:47 - You know, being in a remote environment, you're by yourself in your office at home, right? And having a group that you're meeting with where you're getting to know each other, you're feeling comfortable, you know, we foster an environment where we want feedback and it's very important to our culture that we get that. But this just gives them another different type of outlet where they're with their peers, they're having like their water cooler moments in a virtual environment.
  • 17:43 - We have gotten great feedback. It's really heartwarming. One of our employees that have been here over 10 years is on a team with someone less than 10 years. And she was skeptical and she came out and she's like, this was the best thing that we've done for the organization and supporting the employees. They feel connected.
  • 18:53 - I guess the thing that  I wasn't sure of was how quick the buy-in was going to be. And it was very quick and the positive feelings and words have, like, it was so much quicker than I thought it was going to be. And I was not expecting every person that we went to ask if they wanted to be a team advisor to say yes, but like their faces lit up, like, absolutely. And so it's, it's gone really well and much faster than I thought it would.
  • 07:04 - It's a lifestyle. I mean, everyone I think should know by now. Like, people like working from home, they like having the flexibility, they like the supported autonomy and everyone's trying to navigate that. But if you're giving that, you know, if you have that structure and you're providing the support, you know, our employees, they love doing their job. They could not imagine going back to a 9 to 5 desk job.

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