This week we discuss iiwaa's debut EP Dysphoria and latest singles.

Show Notes

iiwaa, Piipaash, Quechuan and enrolled member of the Gila River Indian Community is  a 2Spirit recording artist and poet residing in Flagstaff, Arizona. In February 2021 they released their debut EP Dysphoria, an account of their journey with gender identity, religious trauma, and breaking toxic cycles to find life abundant. A former Urban Doxology Songwriting Intern and national worship leader, iiwaa is now dedicated to creating spaces of healing and joy through artistic expression for all 2SLGBTQIA+ people. This week iiwaa joins me to discuss their musical journey and we’ll listen to iiwaa’s latest singles, Tangerine Lamborghini and Grand Prix and so much more. Enjoy!


01 iiwaa- Tangerine Lamborghini
02 iiwaa- Boys Don’t Cry
03 Wolf Saga- Hear Us (ft Chippewa Travelers)
04 Olivia Komacheet- Meeku
05 iiwaa- Grand Prix
06 Melody McArthur- Branded
07 Carsen Gray- Someplace
08 Ailani- Honestly
09 iiwaa- Learning to Love Myself 
10 Niska Napoleon- Is it Ever Enough
11 Tanya Tagaq- Tongues (Daedalus Remix)
12 Art Napoleon- Redemption Song 

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