The Great Reset

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Ernie and David wrestle with what would it take to create a truly useful Purpose Statement for The Great Reset

Show Notes

Ernie and David both share their excitement at the strong emotion shared during last week's episode of The Great Reset, though Ernie was more upbeat in his assessment of how well the group did (and would) handle the conflict. David reiterated his concern that both the conflict itself, and the difficulty the group has handling it, stem from a lack of clarity around the group's purpose.

After going around and around about the supposed difficulty of defining novel relational experiences, David joked that he could do better. When Ernie jumped on that, he conceded that it would be a lot of effort to get everyone on board. Instead, he offered to put together a draft combining elements we agreed on with traditional church mission statements, as a starting point for the two of us to discuss further.

Stay tuned to find out how it works out!


What is The Great Reset?

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