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Banned Books Conversations: Where Radical Readers Discuss Prohibited Prose
Banned books are works that have been removed from a library shelf or school curriculum. Over the course of Banned Books Week, this series will cover seven different books, the reasons they were banned, and the value in reading them.

Host: Tonya Todd
Video producer: JP Butler
Audio producer: Ria Carrogan
Graphics: Mike Burton

Guest panelists

Brandon Mead: Writer of queer fiction and queer personal essays. Also a bookseller, and author host in Seattle, WA.  Creator of Wayward pansy, coloring books that are inclusive, also Queer Books which showcases queer stories
Find him at Fiercestorytelling.com and on instagram @FierceStoryTelling

Wayne Goodman: Retired psychiatric nurse and podcast host.
Lives in San Francisco and has authored many books. Currently hosts Podcast Queer Words queerwords.org

Blake Byles:
Trainee psychotherapist in London
Find him on twitter @BlakeBiles Comics in Motion Multiverse podcast


Tonya Todd led a discussion on banned books with guests Brandon Mead, Wayne Goodman, and Blake Byles. This year's first episode is 'All Boys Aren't Blue' by George M. Johnson. They discussed their views on banned books, with Brandon emphasizing the importance of freedom to read. They also talked about the need for reader advisories to caution about potentially triggering or misinformative content. The team did not reach a clear conclusion on the matter. They also discussed the pattern of themes in book banning and the implications it has for society.

Blake and Brandon discussed the target audience of a book they had been reading. Blake believed the book was written for a young adult market, particularly focusing on the college experience and the exploration of identity. Brandon agreed and added that the book, which deals with themes of gender and sexuality, could be particularly beneficial to young adults coming to terms with their own queerness or transness.

Creators & Guests

Tonya Todd
Author | Actress | Activist ~ Fairy Queen ~Sapiosexual | Cinephile Writing Linguistic Sensuality (she/her) Repped by @askamycollins & @OpaqueMgt UK

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