1st episode of version 4.0 of The 8Bit Cubist podcast. Mr Benja, Raph, and Jeff get together to kick it off.

Show Notes

The band is back! ...for a moment. Mr Benja, Raph, Jeff, and a Secret Guest get together to kick off this chapter right. While this is largely a solo podcast, the original podcast members had to come together quickly to get some things off their chests.

0:00 - Intro
3:18 - Reconnecting with the players
7:27 - Our origin stories from game development
18:00 - Game development stories 
30:00 - Our connection with games
34:00 - 8Bit Cubist, an art project
42:00 - Connecting with the 5th Beatle
51:00 - Where we are going in the future.
1:00:00 - Post-discussion on the 8BitCubist food prints and creating art under the context of gaming 

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What is 8BitCubist?

This is THE Official Podcast of The 8BitCubist! My name is Mr Benja, and I programmed and designed video games for thirteen years for companies including Rockstar Games, The 3DO Company, and Sony Santa Monica. I have also been creating art for my entire life. This podcast invites you inside the mind of a special brand of creative. http://the8bitcubist.com