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The sermon subject today is At War with Yourself. The sermon begins today with some words of a very disturbed man who in many ways was at war with himself. We will be looking together today at three ways in which that miserable loss of self-control, that inner war, can be seen in our lives. Then, the message concludes by finding three ways in which this war with ourselves can come to an end. The answer is found in the Bible in Pauls letter to the Athenians Chapter 2, Verses 14 and 17. If you ever feel that inner struggle in your own life, then the message this morning may be just what God wants you to hear.

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What is Ocean Lakes Church Service?

Spend a few minutes with Rev. Kirk Lawton for insight and encouragement through the word of God. The longtime Chaplain for Ocean Lakes Family Campground has been an inspiration to thousands of campground guests from all over North America. Located on 310 oceanfront acres in Myrtle Beach, SC, Ocean Lakes is one of the largest family-owned campgrounds in the United States and has welcomed travelers for nearly 50 years. The non-denominational Church Service is held in the Recreation Center every Sunday at 9 AM with up to 800 in attendance.