Digital Banking Trends in Asia-Pacific

Today, one of the most hotly debated areas in the banking industry is whether to build or buy banking technology solutions and softwares. There are perks to both. Building allows you to be in complete control of your final product while buying provides a cost-effective, often quick solution that is usually reliable and robust. This episode explores the build versus buy framework to help you decide whether to buy software off the shelf, build a custom solution, or decide which bits to buy and which bits to build. We also discuss the decision of build versus buy in terms of organizational goals and motivations, types of organizations and the framework that is right for them, considerations banks should keep in mind when buying software, and the impact of hyperscalers and their SaaS ecosystem on small and midsize banks.

Join the conversation with Arivuvel Ramu, CTO of Tonik Bank and host Swapnil Deshmukh, Regional Director for Infinity Digital Banking at Temenos.

What is Digital Banking Trends in Asia-Pacific?

The banking industry is undergoing a radical shift, one driven by new competition from fintechs, changing business models, mounting regulation and compliance pressures. Join us on Digital Banking Trends in Asia-Pacific by Temenos, a podcast where we speak to industry experts and practitioners to help banks chart a clear path forward to attain digital transformation.