In the Nitty Gritty- Dedicated to women entrepreneurs juggling business, life, kids and everything else nitty gritty.

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This episode may raise some feathers. You’ve been fairly warned.

You are the leader of your business. Are you being the leader that attracts your dream client?

As a business owner, we are stepping out in bold, brave, big faith. We see a need or desire in the market and we take the action needed to serve our clients well. It’s the biggest display of democracy. .

Over time, we get to learn what are clients want more of and how to serve them even better. What we don’t often see or realize, is that our dream clients are also attracted to what we do in our personal life.

In this social marketing world, we share our personal stories. Our kids, our families, our faith and yes even our political views. Whether we scream it through a megaphone, or quietly watch from the side lines, our clients are noticing. Our dream clients are attracted to how we are in our personal lives as well. Whether we want to admit it or not, it's a part of the equation.

In this episode, I get real in addressing how our personal beliefs play a role in our business. In my business, I have personally gained clients because of my views and I have also lossed clients. The clients I lost… yea, it’s sad, but honestly - they weren’t the right client for me.

There is enough to go around. I know I offer a great service, and my clients are super loyal - when they are the right client.

Show Notes

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What is In the Nitty Gritty- Dedicated to women entrepreneurs juggling business, life, kids and everything else nitty gritty. ?

From the provider:

Life moves fast and so do these episodes. You're busy. Juggling all the things. Business, life, kids and everything else nitty gritty. But you have vividly wild dreams to get.

My name is Melissa Rose and let me just say I get that growing and family and scaling profitable business is no small feat. No matter how early we wake up or how much caffeine we consume.

But I’m here to tell you. You can and you will. Through consistent inspired action. In this show, we’re going to be encouraged, we’re going to be empowered and we’re going to leave with a quick win that you can apply today in your business, life or relationship. Sound good ladies?

Let’s get real.

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