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I had such a good time interviewing Solveiga Pakštaitė and learning about her revolutionary food label that tells you when food has actually gone bad. Everything from how visually impaired people figure out the color of their clothes, to why she does not believe in unpaid internships and why she decided to bring a CEO to run her company. I think this is a great episode if you are looking to build a team as we talked a lot about hiring dos and don’ts.

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Show Notes

Her journey from invention to commercialization
  • [01:19] How did you go from researching how visually impaired people use public transport to identifying the food expiry problem?
  • [9:54] At what point does this go from being research to having commercialization potential?
  • [13:28] Did you first get funded for your prototype by your grant and then raise a seed round of funding?
  • [17:54] How did you think about building and scaling your team?
  • [22:39] Recap of the key points when it comes to hiring. 
  • [24:18] What led you to hire a CEO? And how did you go about doing that and what did you learn from that process?
  • [32:42] How does your and the hired Ceo’s relationship work on a day-to-day basis?


Zero to One by Peter Thiel

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