Healing Hearts

"Yes, dad. It's legal."

The Healing Center is run as a pharmacy by pharmacists. Meet Michael Butler and Jill Zimbicki, the leaders of the Healing Center Patient Care Team as they tell their medical marijuana stories.

Show Notes



  • Opening Quote: "I told my dad I got a job for a medical marijuana dispensary group in Pittsburgh.
    He said, 'Well, is it legal?' I said, 'Yes, dad. It is legal.'"
  • "Welcome to Healing Hearts, a podcast created by The Healing Center, voted 'Pittsburgh's Best Dispensary.'"
  • Host Mike Flick introduces the episode and starts the conversation.


Mike Flick, The Healing Center Pharmacist Jill Zimbicki and General Manager Michael Butler talk about the healing powers of medical marijuana and how each of them started their journey into the medical cannabis field.

Segment 1 - Jill Zimbicki and Mike Flick
  • Jill talks about how she's seen first-hand the positive, and seemingly miraculous, effects medical cannabis has on people.
  • She continues to say how the medication is very personalized and flexible for each patient.
  • Jill details why she enjoys her work and how she finds joy in helping others.
  • Jill gives advice to a new patient coming to The Healing Center.
Segment 2 - Michael Butler, Jill Zimbicki and Mike Flick
  • Mike talks about how his journey in the pharmaceutical field started at a young age.
  • He also talks about his shift to medical cannabis after seeing the opioid crisis and how patients were racking up pills to take.
  • He continues by saying how there is no pathway in standard medicine to decrease medication burden.
  • Mike, Jill and Mike all take turns sharing medical marijuana success stories.
Segment 3 - Michael Butler, Jill Zimbicki and Mike Flick
  • The group tells their "Cannabis Coming Out Stories." Mike, Jill and Mike share their loved one's reactions to when they announced they would be entering the medical cannabis field.
  • Mike Butler mentions how the stigma behind marijuana in the past was unsubstantiated.
  • Everyone shares their answer to the question: "If you were a strain, what would you be?"


  • Host Mike Flick summarizes the episode and tosses to the outro, thanking the listeners for joining them.
  • "Healing Hearts is presented by The Healing Center, voted 'Pittsburgh's Best Dispensary.' Healing Hearts is recorded at the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University. More information is available at thehealingcenterusa.com."


Host: Mike Flick, The Healing Center
Guests: Michael Butler, General Manager - The Healing Center; Jill Zimbicki Pharmacist - The Healing Center
Executive Producer: Lisa Craig, Marketing Director - The Healing Center
Editor: Nicholas Ruffolo, Center for Media Innovation

Intro Song:
Antidepresseur by Patchworker f.k.a. [friendzoned] | https://soundcloud.com/patchworker
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Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

Outro Song:
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What is Healing Hearts?

The Healing Hearts Podcast was created by The Healing Center to provide education, innovation and information on Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program. Guests on the show share their healing journeys in the medical marijuana industry as many overcome fear and years of chronic pain to not only help themselves, but help others along the way.