Turn the Dial - Real Estate Agent Podcast

When do you release a client and stop working with them?  Have you ever done it?  What led to that decision?  Or maybe you have never fired a client but really wanted to.  In this episode Scott & Renee share personal stories and red flags to watch for.  They also share some tips on how to proactively avoid these through proper consult on the front end, and a super clear Vision for your business.

What is Turn the Dial - Real Estate Agent Podcast?

Scott & Renee Comey are coaches, trainers and speakers in the Real Estate space. In addition, they have reached a sales level that had put them in the Top 1% nationally in Real Estate sales. Each episode focuses on a different subject matter in either business or sales. They have featured guests from CEO's, to Bestselling Authors to Business & Team Leaders from around the world. We hope you get a good nugget out of each podcast episode.