The Music Talkshow

Fotocredit: Frode Larsen / Nasjonalmuseet / UiO

UiO research center RITMO's postdoctoral fellow Dr. Remy Martin and doctoral fellow Martin Pleiß took this episode as an opportunity to stroll through one of Oslo’s most prominent places for experiencing art - the national museum of Norway. They do not simply look around, but pay attention to how we use sounds to make sense of what we experience. They talk about the need for places and emotions, how our senses give us references, and why music is so great to experience these perceptual powers every day.

What is The Music Talkshow?

“Music Talkshow” is a musicology dissemination show by our local University of Oslo early career music and sound researchers – PhD’s and postdocs. How do we communicate our research to the “outside” world? How do we maintain our relevance to society as academics? People who write about music, but not the music itself? In other words, how does our work relate to the real world, and how does the real-world manifests in our work?

In this show, we tackle these unanswerable questions with a light-hearted approach: through informal conversations, sound and music examples, and perhaps some experiments. We hope to bridge the gap between those who wonder about music casually and those who do that professionally – from prospective students to lifelong music fans, fidelity nerds, and helpless cheesy romantics. By doing so, we will leave our own comfort zones to show the diversity of the academic community to showcase new voices and sounds, encourage participation, and take an alternative turn on the University.