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In this pilot episode of Rethink Culture we speak with Haluk Can Hur, founder of Latro Chemical, a company pioneering a no-hierarchy, self-management model, that in 2022 received the 2nd Best Place to Work in Europe award. 

Latro is a 70-person company in Turkey running on a no-hierarchy, completely autonomous model with no titles, sales targets, OKRs, KPIs, no HR department and where decisions are taken at a team level, based on a unifying vision, and shared values. The founder Haluk Can Hur talks about his childhood influences, his vision and how he transformed the company structure in only 1.5 years. He describes many principles behind Latro's autonomous self-management - for example where decisions are taken by individual consent (not collective consensus), radical transparency where salaries and P&L are open to everyone, profit sharing, and culture as the shared values and vision that bonds and aligns people together in the company.

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What is Rethink Culture?

Rethink Culture is the podcast that shines the spotlight on the leaders who are rethinking workplace culture. Virtually all of the business leaders who make headlines today do so because of their company performance. Yet, the people and the culture of a company is at least as important as its performance. It's time that we shine the spotlight on the leaders who are rethinking workplace culture and are putting people and culture at the forefront.