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Beat overwhelm, transform your life, and become a taskmaster with the Powerhouse Brain dump workbook! [00:00] This Powerhouse Lawyer episode we are speaking with Katie Lipp. [02:47] Katie tells us how she decided on law school [03:04] and discusses her superpower of networking. [11:25] She passionately advocates for the importance of community within the legal profession, emphasizing the critical need for female lawyers to establish a network among themselves. [16:28] This advocacy led to the creation of Law Practice Queen, aimed at combating gender bias and championing the cause of female lawyers. [22:45] She gives her best advice for anyone looking to potentially start their own law firm or entrepreneurs. [34:03] After Katie details her available services. [43:26] we wrap up with her Legally Blonde Moment. [48:18]


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The relentless demands of the profession often leave even the most accomplished legal minds feeling like they're drowning. It doesn't Have to be this way, that's why I created the
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Join Powerhouse Elite. This community is designed just for YOU, the ambitious and forward-thinking female lawyer who craves meaningful connections, desires career advancement, and is committed to supporting and empowering each other in both professional and personal aspects of their lives.

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Are you an ambitious attorney who wants to build a life and career that you cannot wait to wake up for? Then you're in the right place.
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I am your host, Erin Gerner. A former lawyer, wife, mom, and life coach, and I am on a mission to empower women in the law to define success on their terms, by leveraging their unique superpowers to help them win in both law and life. Join me each week to hear inspiring stories, real talk, and practical tips.

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