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Prolific children's author Caroline Lawrence tells Sophia about how John Truby helped her get off to a stellar start with her 'Roman Mysteries' series, and shares some inspiring writing tips from her new book, 'How to Write a Great Story'.

Full show notes available here:

Show Notes

Caroline is the writer of over 30 books for children, including the series: 'The Roman Mysteries', 'The Roman Quests', 'The Time Travel Diaries' and 'The PK Pinkerton Mysteries'.

Thanks as always to Christopher Pett for production and editing.

Links to resources:

Caroline’s website:

'How to Write a Great Story' by Caroline Lawrence:

John Truby 'Anatomy of Story' course:

'Save the Cat' by Blake Snyder

Russell T. Davies on Desert Island Discs:

'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' by Betty Edwards:

'The Artist’s Way' by Julia Cameron:

'Jupiter’s Travels' by Ted Simon:

WritePro by Sol Stein :

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