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From a small town in Sao Paulo Metro Area to Tallinn, Estonia, meet our guest: Ulisses Almeida. An experienced Software Developer, Ulisses has a published book called "Learn Functional Programming with Elixir". We talked about his experience working at Plataformatec with the people that created the Elixir Language, and his new job at a company that is building a bitcoin betting platform using Elixir and some of his thoughts about Functional Programming.

Show Notes

We talked with Ulisses about migrating Ruby projects to Elixir while he was working at Plataformatec alongside the creator of the Elixir language, the process of writing his book and why you should learn Functional Programming, and how he moved to Estonia in Northern Europe.

Enjoy it!

PS: only Brazilians listeners will get the reference @ 16:20 ;)

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