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Punk, garage and trash coolness with Carolyn
Sheltering In Place - Episode 23 - When you think things can't get worse they do...

Show Notes

Punk, garage and trash coolness with Carolyn
Sheltering In Place - Episode 23 - When you think things can't get worse they do...

12:01 PM The Clash "Garageland" from The Clash on CBS

12:04 PM The Deviants "Let's Loot the Supermarket Again (Like We Did Last Summer)" from This CD Is Condemned on Total Energy1976

12:07 PM The Heartbreakers "Let Go" from L.A.M.F.: The Lost '77 Mixes (Remastered) on Jungle Records

12:11 PM Supersuckers "Saddle Tramp" from The Songs All Sound The Same on Empty Records

12:12 PM The Mighty Moguls "Doodle Bug Race" from Teenage Party With The Mighty Moguls on Reelin' & Rockin'

12:13 PM Tommy and the Commies "Hurtin' 4 Certain" from Hurtin' 4 Certain - EP on Slovenly Recordings

12:16 PM Goldie Dawn "Crime" from Goldie Dawn - EP on Drunken Sailor

12:18 PM Sweet Reaper "Same Nightmare" from Closer Still on Alien Snatch

12:24 PM KXSF UW "Rainbow Grocery Cooperative"

12:25 PM Girl Friday "Earthquake" from Androgynous Mary on Hardly Art

12:28 PM Vintage Crop "Gridlock" from Serve To Serve Again on Upset The Rhythm

12:31 PM Tony Dork "Tongue Tied" from Struggle Street on Legless Records

12:35 PM Swiftumz "More Than Sleep" from Don't Trip Call Me (510)637-8630 on Holy Mountain

12:38 PM Cherry Pickles "Uísque Breath" from The Girl Who Was Afraid of Gin / Uísque Breath - Single on PNKSLM Recordings

12:42 PM Kim Salmon and The Surrealists "Burn Down the Plantation" from Burn Down the Plantation - Single on Kim Salmon

12:50 PM Mal Thursday with Neal Ford & The Fantatics "Every Night A New Surprise" from Every Night A New Surprise on Chunk Archives

12:50 PM Muck and the Mires "Take Me Back To Planet Earth" from Take Me Back To Planet Earth on Rum Bar Records

12:53 PM The Zara's "In The Mood" from Madmua Records on Music For Gloves

12:56 PM Enchanters "High Heel Roller Skates" from High Heel Roller Skates on s/r

12:58 PM Red Lights "Kisses For My President" from Red Lights - EP on In The Red Records1978

1:07 PM KXSF UW "City Beer Store"

1:09 PM The Owen Guns "The Ballad of Cheeto Hitler" from Violating Community Standards - EP on s/r

1:09 PM Thee Dirty Rats "Universe is Chaos" from Humans Out! on s/r

1:11 PM Jim Moronson and The Doors "Slouchin'" from I'm In Space on Life Is A Drag

1:12 PM Don Howland "Thank You CIA" from Endgame on In The Red

1:14 PM Supersuckers "Poor" from The Songs All Sound the Same on Empty Records

1:19 PM All My Friends and Me "Nasty" from First Time on s/r

1:24 PM The Archaeas "Absent Mind" from The Archaeas on Goner

1:26 PM The Heartbreakers "One Track Mind" from L.A.M.F. on Track Record

1:29 PM The Heartbreakers "Get Off the Phone" from L.A.M.F.: The Lost '77 Mixes (Remastered) on Jungle Records

1:32 PM The Tears "Miss Queen" from The Tears on Trick Knee Records

1:33 PM T Tex Edwards "Baby's Got a Gun" from Intexicated! on Saustex Media

1:36 PM The Courettes "Night Time (The Boy of Mine)" from Want You! Like a Cigarette - Single on Damaged Goods Records

1:43 PM Coachwhips "Devil Uptown" from Devil Uptown on Girlsville2002

1:45 PM A Burning Bus "Platform" from S/T on In the Red

1:46 PM Rubber Blanket "Owl Vision" from Our Album on Spacecase Records

1:48 PM The Cool Greenhouse "Dirty Glasses" from The Cool Greenhouse on Melodic

1:53 PM The Generics "The Bitt" from Cost Cutter on Feel it Records1983

1:58 PM Eddie Criss Group "All of a Sudden" from Undertaker on Hozac1980

1:59 PM Disco Junk "R8tl" from R8tl on Billiam

2:04 PM KXSF UW "Barrel Room"

2:04 PM Research Reactor Corp "Hi Mom" from The Collected Findings Of The Research Reactor Corporation on Erste Theke Tontraeger

2:06 PM Damaged Bug "Sold America" from Bug On Yonkers on Castle Face

2:10 PM Idles "Grounds" from Ultra Mono on PTKF

2:14 PM Jack Oblivian "Out of Tune" from American Slang on Sympathy For The Record Industry1984

2:17 PM Hagar the Womb "Idolization" from Hagiography A Retrospective: 1982-2014 on One Bright Spark Records1984

2:19 PM Illegal Visions "We Are Antifa" from South Bay Curse (The solo Lo​-​Fi Pandemic sessions ) on s/r

2:24 PM KXSF UW "Choochcast"

2:26 PM The Speedways "This Ain't a Radio Sound" from Radio Sounds on Alien Snatch! Records / Beluga Records

2:29 PM The Pandoras "In and Out of My Life (In a Day)" from Stop Pretending on Rhino

2:31 PM Night Slaves "Run" from Three and a Half on Swimming Faith Records

2:34 PM Snooper "Don't Bring Me Down" from G​.​T​.​R​.​R​.​C. II on G​.​T​.​R​.​R​.​C.

2:36 PM Brat Farrar "Big Crash" from Adventures in the Skin Trade on Brat Farrar Records

2:43 PM Cool Jerks "We Live in Hell" from England on Night versus Day

2:45 PM Black Melon "Sick and Low" from The Lumpiness Of Demand on PNKSLM Recordings

2:48 PM The Zits "Opera Show" from Back In Blackhead on Feel It Records1981

2:50 PM UK Gold "Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot" from Be Gay, Do Crime! on Girlsvlle

2:53 PM Gallows Birds "My Lambretta" from My Lambretta b/w Local Girls - Single on Eccentric Pop Records

2:57 PM The Heartbreakers "All By Myself" from L.A.M.F. on Track Record RIP Walter Lure

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