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As we continue to move closer to graduation and internship season, we delve further into the talent equation. 
Today on the podcast BJ is joined by a repeat guest, Colin Mottola. Colin is one of our Construction Managers and engineers at MCFA. He also happens to be one of our very first interns.
Join the conversation as we explore Colin’s experience, from landing an internship to working on a construction project in an active hospital during a pandemic. He also gets into the various lessons he’s learned and his thoughts on the philosophy of why making mistakes is the best path to your development. 
Be sure to tune in to see how someone can receive the advice they need at the right moment, with the perfect message conveyed by the ideal messenger. Enjoy. 
Key Points From This Episode:
•   A behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work on a construction project, in an active hospital, during a pandemic. 
•   Why making mistakes is the best path to your development.
•   The two components of extreme ownership.
“With every problem, there is a solution.” — Colin Mottola 
“Extreme ownership goes two ways. One is, ‘Yes I can do this and yes I’m going to own it when you volunteer’. — Extreme ownership is also raising your hand when you say, ‘Look I’m ahead of my skis and I need some help.’” — BJ Kraemer 
“The level of how connected this industry is, is crazy, and I’m trying to do that for ourselves with our intern(s).” — Colin Mottola 
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