But Is It Good?

This week we explore Edgar Wright's new film as it blends genre with captivating visuals, topped with a stellar cast. "Last Night In Soho" is an unexpected trip through a dream that turns into a nightmare; part coming of age film, part time travel, part horror. "Last Night In Soho" is full of unexpected twists and turns....but is it good??

Show Notes

Travel with us back to the 1960s! (sorta). This week we're diving into Edgar Wright's new film, "Last Night In Soho." Thomasin McKenzie & Anya Taylor-Joy headline an all star cast, in a film that blends together multiple genres and styles. "Last Night In Soho" is filled with stunning visuals and mind-bending plot; but does it's message come across in the end? Can Wright balance all the different influences without it getting muddy? Is It good??

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