GA Baptist Discipleship

We interview Ken Adams, pastor at Crossroads Church Newnan, Georgia and President of IMPACT Ministries. Carl Johnson also joins us. Carl is the pastor of leadership development at Peace Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia and serves as a contract representative for our Georgia Baptist Discipleship Team in the West Central region.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Craig Etheridge writes that US is now #3 behind India and China for the most number of people NOT professing to be Christian. 
  • One specific way to win a NEW 2023 IPAD PRO!!
  • A shift most churches need to make is to understand what their Win really needs to be.
  • The critical need to understand the church’s marching orders and why we do what we do.
  • How to FIGHT for a shift in culture.
    • Form a framily-friends & family
    • Identify and eliminate infections 
    • Give kudos (never miss an opportunity to praise leaders)
    • Hold high your core values
    • Take up for your lay and paid leaders
  • William Vanderbloemen says “culture wins with everyone… every time.”
  • Keys to create a mindset or programmatic shift.
  • Why regular and quality leadership meetings can be THE difference in your ministry.
  • Ideas to move your people from consumers to co-laborers.
  • 3 thoughts to help you make the above shifts including, seek to build onramps and not cul de sacs (credit: Aaron Hulse-First Fayetteville)

What is GA Baptist Discipleship?

This podcast exists to strengthen churches by resourcing, inspiring, and creating disciple-makers! Discipleship is a life-long process by which a follower of Jesus Christ grows toward Christ-likeness and multiplies the experience. Each week we will broadcast new episodes relevant to your ministry and replicating discipleship.