Always Aggressive - Purdue Wrestling Podcast

Head Coach Tony Ersland joins hosts Tanner Lipsett and Cory Palm to discuss the first official week of the 2021-22 season as practice gets underway. The guys also discuss upcoming Wrestle-Offs, a special Super 32 training camp and Parent's Weekend as the team gears up for the beginning of the dual season.

Show Notes

The Purdue wrestling team officially started its 2021-22 this week and the Boilermakers are only three weeks out from their first competition of the year. Head coach Tony Ersland talks through the team’s early training and progress in addition to a few events on the horizon. 
Ersland remarks on the early action in the Blake Wrestling Room, specifically addressing the quick acclimation of the Boilermaker freshmen and the focus of upperclassmen Devin Schroder and Max Lyon. 
In the coming weeks the Boilermakers will host a camp, parents’ weekend and the 2021 preseason wrestle off, which are pegged for Friday, October 29, at 7 p.m. ET in Holloway Gymnasium. That will be fans’ first opportunity to watch the 2021-22 team and one of two home events left for 2021. 
0:00 - The 2021-22 Season is Here
12:35 - The Evolution of Coaching
15:45 - Wrestle Offs are Coming
23:55 - Alumni Zoom
24:35 - Super 32 Camp
30:00 - Parents Weekend

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