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Can we really expect the system to fix past sins or to fix things for people with student loans when everyone on each side is going to want what the other gets? Zoa Energy is the first time The Rock let me down.

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Can we really expect the system to fix past sins or to fix things for people with student loans when everyone on each side is going to want what the other gets?


Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency is planning to charge residents interest on the repayment of some benefits mistakenly paid to them during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The state agency said Michigan law allows it to charge 1% interest a month on an overpayment. The circumstances of each case determine when the state can begin charging interest.

But the statute also prohibits the state from charging interest for benefits paid improperly because of “an administrative or clerical error made by the unemployment insurance agency.”
Paired with this is an aggressive right-wing attempt to mobilize blue-collar fear, resentment and a sense of being lost -- and attach it to the fear of American vulnerability, American loss.

(10) In the last thirty years, white men have taken a drubbing, he notes, especially the three quarters of them who lack college degrees. Between l979 and l999, for example, real wages for male high-school graduates dropped 24%. In addition, Mailer notes, white working class men have lost white champs in football, basketball and boxing. (A lot of white men cheer black athletes, of course, whomever they vote for.) 

As the article noted,"President Nixon has before him a confidential blueprint designed to help him capture the hearts and votes of the nation's white working men -- the traditionally Democratic 'forgotten Americans' that the Administration believes are ripe for political plucking." (11) 

Since the l970s, the blue-collar man has taken a lot of economic hits. The buying power of his paycheck, the size of his benefits, the security of his job -- all these have diminished

For anyone who stakes his pride on earning an honest day's pay, this economic fall is, unsurprisingly enough, hard to bear. 

We should think about this. The blue-collar vote is huge. Skilled and semi-skilled manual jobs are on the decline, of course, but if we count as blue-collar those workers without a college degree, as Ruy Teixeira and Joel Rogers do in their book Why the White Working Class Still Matters

Rod Allen, the longtime television analyst for the Detroit Tigers, is set to return to a Major League Baseball broadcast booth for the first time since he was fired, along with on-air partner Mario Impemba, following a physical altercation late in the season.

Allen will broadcast on the radio Sunday for the Arizona Diamondbacks' game against the Chicago Cubs. It's the first of three Diamondbacks assignments booked for Allen the rest of the season

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