The Philanthropy Impact Podcast

Join our CEO, John, as he engages in an insightful with Daniel Brewer, the visionary leader behind Resonance, in our latest "In Conversation" podcast episode. Daniel Brewer leads a dynamic team at Resonance, empowering social enterprises and charities to prepare for impactful investments in diverse transactions like real estate acquisition, community share issues, and venture capital investments. Learn how Resonance's demand-led, impact investment funds are making a difference in communities.

In this insightful episode, we'll explore:
  • The journey of Resonance from Daniel's background in engineering to founding the company
  • How impact investment funds are driving positive change in society
  • Perspectives on blending finance with social impact and advocating for meaningful causes
Discover how Daniel's unique experiences and Resonance's innovative approach are shaping the landscape of impact investing and social entrepreneurship.

What is The Philanthropy Impact Podcast ?

A podcast focused on philanthropy, impact investing, and sustainability.